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November 11 2008

Lies and Space Shields

On November 9th Czech President Kaczynski told the world that Obama had confirmed his commitment to move ahead with the ant-missile shield project in Poland and the Czech Republic, Vice President-elect Joseph Biden quickly denied.

To the attention of:

President Lech Kaczynski

Prime Minister Donald Tusk

Ambassador Robert Kupiecki


Dear Sirs:

We would like to express our indignation and profound concern for the statement made on November 9th by President Kaczynski that President-elect Obama had confirmed his commitment to move ahead with the ant-missile shield project in Poland and the Czech Republic. As you know, the claim was quickly denied by Vice President-elect Joseph Biden, who affirmed that the incoming United States government has not yet decided to continue with the ‘Space Shield’ in Europe.

Besides being a lie unworthy of a head of state, this event shows the attitude of haste and imposition through which the Polish government is trying to inhibit questions over the installation of the missile system. Two weeks ago, in an  analagous maneuver, the Czech government tried to ratify an agreement for the radar base through a Senate that no longer legitimately reflected the will of its electorate. We wholeheartedly denounce the form under which discussion over the US bases is being carried out.

This project is dividing Europe, increasing tensions with Russia, and encouraging a new arms race. Whereas this is an issue that concerns the security of the whole of Europe, it is being dealt with as two bilateral agreements between the US and the Czech Republic and Poland, without any involvement or consultation with other European countries or the European Parliament.  The population itself has not been adequately informed about this project, which has serious implications for their future, and there has been no possibility to gauge the will of the people through referenda.

As has emerged from the declarations of US experts and analysts and the Pentagon’s own documents, the Space Shield is not a system of defence as its name would have us believe; it is, instead, an offensive weapon. The installation of missiles in Poland and a radar base in the Czech Republic will, in fact, constitute a declaration of war.

For all of these reasons we ask you to immediately suspend bilateral negotiations with the United States and renouce this project which only benefits the arms industry and puts the whole of Europe – and in extension, the world -- in great danger.

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