World March for Peace and Nonviolence

Wellington, October 2, 2009 - Punta de Vacas, January 2010

March 25 2008

Solidarity with the Tibetan people and a valid way out for all of humanity

Faced with the recent events in Tibet, the Humanist Regionals and all humanists of Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa and North America condemn the bloody violence and repression by the regime of the People’s Republic of China against the demonstrators in Lhasa and in many other Tibetan cities.

These events are comparable to the violent repression of the Buddhist Monks and an unarmed population by  the Burmese government, with killings, arbitrary detentions and a blackout of all forms of internal and international communication.

At the same time, we denounce US policy and the arms dealers close to President Bush for promoting secessionism and destabilization between peoples worldwide to benefit special interests. Such is the case in Kosovo and Serbia and Palestine and Israel, where deeply rooted sentiments of national identity are exploited, and in Bolivia with the inciting of economic divisions.

In this difficult moment, the voices that open the future will not be those of politicians interested in division and confrontation.

It is of fundamental importance to defend the historical roots of all peoples, to recognize the right to practice one’s own beliefs and religious and cultural customs.  But above all, we need to give a new solution, forging a  new path that is valid for all humanity.

The secession of a nation or a region can have meaning if the norms, actions, and intentions do not go towards isolation or regress back to “old ways.”  Rather, they must go towards the humanization of relations between peoples, real recognition of diversity, and a true integration of the cultures, nations and regions who wish to represent the vanguard in the formation of a Universal Human Nation.

A truly new process can only be initiated through the path of nonviolence. This is only possible if a culture is projected towards the future, with a human look free of racial discrimination, a look that seeks equal opportunities between men and women, without castes or social classes,  a look that is capable of putting a long-term process ahead of immediate political interests.

As humanists we ask governments and leaders of opposing factions to sit down and listen to the different needs and proposals and to go beyond centralist and nationalist visions, seeking a different solution through a “humanist” vision.

We need new ways to interpret and comprehend the complexity of current social phenomena; we need the patience of history to open this dialogue that is so important and so urgent for all of humanity.  To this effect, we as humanists, through our Regional Spokespeople or as an international delegation from different regions (Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia), offer to assist by acting as cultural mediators between the Chinese government and the Tibetan leaders.

Without this dialogue and constructive perspective, the international relationships between China, USA, Russia, and Europe with their petty interests could produce an irreversible clash.

This is not about the Olympics. At stake here is the possibility of giving a coherent response for all of humanity.  We stand here humbly and with hope, together with all those who are building a new non-violent humanity.

Chris Wells
Spokesperson for New Humanism in North America

Giorgio Schultze
Spokesperson for New Humanism in Europe

Tomás Hirsch
Spokesperson for New Humanism in Latin America

Sudhir Gandotra
Spokesperson for New Humanism in Asia-Pacific

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