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March 5 2008

To the Peoples and Governments of Latin America

We vigorously condemn the bloody military incursion by the Colombian Government into Ecuadorian territory.

The process of transformation in Latin America is passing through a critical moment. Today more than ever it is necessary to accelerate the projects of political, economic and cultural union.

We need peace for economic transformation, recovery of our natural resources and the political rights of our peoples.

We need Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia and Nicaragua to strengthen and consolidate their processes of change. Humanists of America and the world will continue offering our firm support.

In the same way, we value other Governments of the region with a progressive orientation, and we hope that they go deeper in this orientation in new constitutional processes, with broad participation of the peoples.

We have no need for belligerent language or bellicose adventures.

The President of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe, by closely associating himself with President Bush has no idea how to bring peace to his own country and wants to export his logic of war to the region. The armed incursion by Uribe and the slaughter carried out on Ecuadorian territory is unacceptable and there must be sanctions by the International Community.

But this conflict that the US government is trying to generate in our region will not be resolved with threats of war, or with army mobilisations. The Bush Era is almost at an end and it is very probable that intelligence and good sense will also return to North America. In the meantime, we need unity, peace and patience, and a strengthening of the non-violent action of the region’s social, political and cultural organisations.

Today, when Latin American integration is wanting to advance, carried on the processes like the ones led by Evo Morales, Hugo Chavez, Rafael Correa and Daniel Ortega, it is necessary that FARC abandons its position of armed insurgency, frees the hostages and starts on a path of pacification and support to the process of Latin American integration.

In the face of the threat generated, the revolutionary decision of President Evo Morales to include the rejection of war as a form of conflict resolution in the new Constitution carries more relevance than ever. It is the moment for this decision to be followed by all the countries of the region.

As social movements of the continent, we cannot make a mistake in this key moment in the present situation. The path against violence exercised by the economic and political institutions of the system is not the path of war and is not the path of violence. Our action, in all cases, must be to give priority to human life, and the health and education of the population. There is no other priority. Our action is the unity of the Latin American social movement to reduce the power of capital and strengthen the decision and participation of the peoples.

Tomas Hirsch

Latin American Spokesperson for Humanism

Giorgio Schultze

European Spokesperson for Humanism

Chris Wells

North American Spokesperson for New Humanism

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