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February 1 2008

New Humanists Support Obama

Barack Obama is the only candidate who opposed the invasion of Iraq from the beginning. He clearly repudiates torture, has pledged to close Guantanamo and restore habeas corpus. Like no other candidate, Obama is a lightening rod for new energies, bridging gaps between generations, ethnicities and religions. The movement he inspires has given voice to a longing for deep change within the most wounded parts of our society. New Humanists share this longing for a more just and peaceful world with human rights and equal opportunity for every human being, no matter in what circumstances they were born.

Looking at the bigger picture, Barack Obama will also be good for the world. The President of the United States has a significant impact on other countries. Under the Bush Administration we have witnessed how the US has become the world’s worst neighbor.  Electing an African American, a representative of the most punished sectors of society, would send a signal that America is ready for a new direction. The US will have the opportunity to once again inspire hope instead of fear and violence; and what’s good for the world is good for the United States.

We don’t agree with Senator Obama on everything. But this is not the time to be purist at the risk of staying marginalized. It’s a time to emphasize what we have in common, engage in open dialogue without hiding our differences, and support the chance to move in a very new direction at a moment of great urgency.

That’s why New Humanists across America are supporting Barack Obama for President.

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