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August 30 2007

Workers and Protesters Beaten, Assaulted and Injured Like in the Worst Times of the Pinochet Dictatorship in Chile

We have received disturbing news, corroborated by various sources, about the brutal repression of a peaceful demonstration organized by the CENTRAL UNITARIA DE TRABAJADORES in Santiago, Chile in which workers, students, politicians, including Senators and Deputies of the Concertación, Christian Democrats, Socialists and radicals all took part and were beaten, assaulted and injured just like in the worst times of the Pinochet dictatorship.

Among the injured and assaulted was the spokesperson for Humanism in Latin America and the Juntos Podemos candidate for the Presidency in the last election, our friend Tomás Hirsch, together with various other humanists and members of other organizations and parties. We know that instead of having their demands listened to attentively some were injured and physically wounded through the violent repression that was unleashed without respect for the fundamental rights that every citizen has.

New Humanists of North America denounce the violent acts and brutal repression of the Chilean government and of the police force during the peaceful and non-violent demonstration held on August 29th 2007 against the unpopular policies of the Chilean Government.

This is not an isolated incident, promoted by an isolated group of policemen, but rather the application of physical violence, economic violence and political repression to silence the voice of those who, in defense of the people’s living conditions, try to oppose the advance of particular multinational interests.

We express our total solidarity with Tomás Hirsch and with all the demonstrators in Chile and their demands.

We call on the Chilean Government to apologize to the demonstrators and the International Community for the acts of violence that not only affect those persecuted but also offend human dignity and freedom of expression across the world.

We are sending this message to all the Chilean Embassies and the media in North America.

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