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August 12 2007

We are opposed to the Security and Prosperity Partnership Summit

The leaders of the U.S., Canada and Mexico will hold a major trilateral summit meeting of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) in Montebello, Quebec, Canada, on August 20th-21st, 2007.

As humanists, we are opposed to the SPP summit as an attempt to legitimize further violence and betrayal by our governments in their compliance with big capital. We want to influence public opinion about the danger of this meeting and the destructive direction it embodies. At the same time, we recognize the need for mechanisms to build a model of integration driven by the people, not corporate CEOs. A model of integration characterized by real democracy, the convergence of diversity, open discussion and decision-making. For this reason, we are organizing the First North American New Humanist Forum, to be held in New York City, November 16-18, 2007

We support the integration of North America but not under the sign of the violent anti-humanists who lead the SPP. According to Anne Farrell, Canadian organizer of the North American New Humanist Forum, “The forum is the anti-SPP. The regional convergence we seek is by definition freely chosen based on shared human values and aspirations, not rammed down our throats by a back-room coup with the intention to control and exploit people.” We want to see the construction of fair and friendly social relations between Mexico, Canada and the US; reversing the disastrous effects of the NAFTA trade agreement and placing the highest priority on a decent living wage, health care, nuclear disarmament, environmental cleanup, and the free movement of all people, not the select few.

Their “Prosperity” stands for riches for the few and Economic Recession for the rest of us. The NAFTA has been a disaster for the lower and middle class population of these countries. Some two million Mexicans have been forced out of agriculture, and many of those that remain are living in desperate poverty. Wages along the Mexican border have been driven down by about 25%. The Council of Canadians has argued that the push towards economic union “will lead to the privatization of [Canada’s] health care, the loss of control of our resources, and further compromises in trade deals like what we have seen with the United States-Canada softwood lumber dispute.”

Their “Security” stands for a “Big Brother” social/military system, for the consolidation of a military bloc led by the US and the establishment of proto-fascist systems of identification tracking and control of people, while streamlining things for the “right” people (”trusted travelers”). Any critic could be arrested under the banner of fighting “terrorist activity.” Raids and deportations are happening everyday in the US and Mexico targeting the immigrant community without any judicial process. In Mexico, president Felipe Calderon has taken a direction of violent repression (for example in Oaxaca) and for this he wants and needs the “cooperation” of the three countries. A million people are at risk from an environmental imbalance caused by over pollution. The US has the capacity to blow up the planet 15 times over with its nuclear arsenal. There will be no “security” for anyone if we continue to build walls, create enemies all over the world, and further destroy the ecological environment of the planet.

We are organizing a delegation that will travel to Montebello to join in the international protest of this summit and all it stands for. If you are interested in showing your opposition, please contact us. At the same time, we emphasize the need not just to protest but to actively build the alternative we seek, and we warmly invite all those who share these aspirations to join us in the Forum.

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