World March for Peace and Nonviolence

Wellington, October 2, 2009 - Punta de Vacas, January 2010

August 15 2009

Statement for 40th Anniversary of Bed-In

40 years ago, at the height of the Vietnam war, John & Yoko had the vision to turn their honeymoon into a call for peace.  They asked us to imagine a world without violence. It was a call that remains unfulfilled.

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June 10 2009

Sr. Alan García Pérez President of Peru - RE: Urgent demand that the Government of Peru stop using violence as a means of conflict resolution and that it respect the human rights of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon.

Dear President García,
We are writing to you to express our shock and outrage at the violent repression unleashed by the Government of Peru against the legitimate and democratic protest of the indigenous peoples of the Peruvian Amazon.

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May 5 2009

Rafael De La Rubia at the United Nations

On 5/6/09 Rafael De La Rubia, international spokesperson for the World March for Peace and Nonviolence, spoke at the United Nations in New York City in an event sponsored by the Permanent Mission of Chile.

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April 29 2009

Defend the Voices of Peace in Israel

This week, members of New Profile, an Israeli pacifist group, were summoned for interrogation. Their computers were confiscated and in order to gain their release they were forced to sign agreements not to communicate with their political friends for 30 days. This new repression is a troubling sign that core democratic values like freedom of speech and of association, and the freedom to follow one’s moral convictions, are considered dispensable by the current Israeli government.

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April 19 2009

To Obama on Torture: Do the Right Thing

President Obama's decision to release the "torture memos" was a rare and important victory for transparency and took considerable courage. But his decision not to prosecute the CIA agents who committed acts of torture, on the grounds that they were just following orders, defies international and US law, betrays the President's own calls for accountability and moral renewal, and offends human decency, morality and common sense.

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April 1 2009

The World March for Peace & Nonviolence: a Humanist Proposal

The World March for Peace and Nonviolence was launched during the Symposium of the World Center for Humanist Studies held at the Park of Study and Reflection in Punta de Vacas, Argentina, on November 15, 2008.

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February 18 2009

"Invisibles" Make ABM Plans Visible at European Parliament

"We are invisible." That was the message of over 100 protesters at the European Parliament in Brussels on February 18. Dressed in white jumpsuits with white masks, the "Invisibles" symbolized the 2/3 majority of Czech citizens who oppose plans to install a U.S. radar base in their country. The base is part of the ABM (Anti-Ballistic Missile) Shield, better known as "Star Wars," and the agreement to install it was made without consulting the people of the Czech Republic.

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February 5 2009

Obama Initiative to Slash Nuclear Weapons Sends a Peace Signal to the World

(New York) The Times Online of London has reported that President Obama will present a plan to Russia calling for both nations to reduce their nuclear warheads to 1000 each, an 80% reduction. This is a significant step toward the new President's stated goal of abolishing nuclear weapons and is a reason to celebrate. We offer President Obama our enthusiastic congratulations for his vision and courage. The move sends a message to the world that the United States is ready to take meaningful steps toward lowering tensions and expanding dialogue.

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January 20 2009

Facing the Unthinkable Nuclear Danger

As President-Elect Obama takes office this week, he faces a long list of enormous challenges, from economic recovery to health care, Iraq, Afghanistan and global warming. Nuclear disarmament is far from the top of the agenda. It should be number 1.

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December 29 2008

Wall Street Bonuses: Economic Violence Casts its Shadow

(New York) It's bonus season on Wall Street. This time two years ago, with record profits and bonuses to match, BMW set up an office in the financial district open 24 hours a day so traders and managers flush with cash could buy a new car on the spot. That same year, a writer at one of New York’s daily newspapers calculated that if the $16.5 billion paid out at just one firm, Goldman Sachs, was spread around, it could raise the income of every person in New York City above the poverty line. Last year, the bonuses were even higher and, well, we know what has happened since.

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November 23 2008

Dear President-elect Obama

First, please accept our warm congratulations on your election, which has inspired people all over the world; and for the conduct of your campaign, which was carried out with integrity, inspiration and consummate skill.

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November 12 2008

A Brief Summary of The Statement of the Humanist Movement

Presented at the 1st International Symposium of the World Center of Humanist Studies, Punta de Vacas, Argentina, November 13, 2008

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November 11 2008

Lies and Space Shields

On November 9th Czech President Kaczynski told the world that Obama had confirmed his commitment to move ahead with the ant-missile shield project in Poland and the Czech Republic, Vice President-elect Joseph Biden quickly denied.

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November 4 2008

President-Elect Barack Obama

Last night in Harlem thousands of people gathered to watch the election results on a huge screen in the street. Even early in the night, the joy and the feeling of connection among the people, of all hues and ages, was palpable. But even after Obama carried Ohio, and the TV commentators said it was inconceivable that McCain could win, the crowd was subdued, as if afraid to believe Dr. King's cherished dream could really come true.

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October 10 2008

Greetings from the North American New Humanist Forum to the European Forum in Milan

Warmest greetings from the North American New Humanist Forum, which was first held in New York City in November, 2007, and will meet again in Mexico City in May, 2009!

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October 1 2008

Comments on Economic Violence - October 2, 2008 International Day of Non-Violence - Union Square, New York

Chris gave the following talk on Economic Violence at the Celebration/Teach-in marking the International Day of Non-violence, as declared by the UN. The event was held in front of the statue of Mahatma Gandhi in Union Square, with the welcome participation of the Federation of Indian Associations NY/NJ/CT, among other friends.

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June 10 2008

Appeal For A World-Wide Day Of Hunger Strike Against The Space Shield, Sunday June 22, 2008

Global Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

The plan to install a U.S. radar base in the Czech Republic as part of the Missile Defense Shield, (a recycled version of President Reagan's "Star Wars"), is a danger to Europe and to all the world. Nuclear weapons are the greatest immediate danger facing humanity, especially now when the situation is so unstable, and a small accident or provocation could set off a catastrophic escalation. This plan heightens international tensions, ushers in a new cold war, and increases the danger of nuclear weapons being used.

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May 1 2008

Statement of the Humanist Movement of the United States regarding the recent declaration of U.S. Ambassador Goldberg on the situation in Bolivia

The Humanist Movement of the United States strongly condemns the recent statement by U.S. Ambassador Philip Goldberg claiming neutrality with regard to the illegal secessionist referendum of the Bolivian department of Santa Cruz, on the pretext that is an internal matter.

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April 12 2008

Defend Real Democracy In Bolivia

The Bolivian people will soon vote in a referendum to approve or reject their new Constitution. The proposed Constitution will protect human rights and deepen real democracy, decentralizing power by giving regions and communities more autonomy and decision-making power than before. It is a Constitution that recognises, in its multi-nationality, the many indigenous peoples who have been discriminated against and exploited for centuries. Without eliminating private property, the Const itution includes the right of communities to a collective economy and to recover the sovereignty of the Nation over natural resources. It is an advanced Constitution that also rejects War as a method of conflict resolution. In short, it is a humanist Constitution.

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March 25 2008

Solidarity with the Tibetan people and a valid way out for all of humanity

Faced with the recent events in Tibet, the Humanist Regionals and all humanists of Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa and North America condemn the bloody violence and repression by the regime of the People’s Republic of China against the demonstrators in Lhasa and in many other Tibetan cities.

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March 20 2008

March 19, 2008, 5th Anniversary of the Iraq War - Living Sign of Non-Violence, Bowling Green, New York City

A little over five years ago millions of people around the world came out to protest the impending invasion of Iraq, expressing our outrage at what we knew would be a human disaster. Our protests were ignored and now the majority has come around to seeing things more or less this way. We were right, and not because of the cost — although that’s obscene given the desperate needs of people — but because it’s wrong to attack innocent people, and because violence doesn’t resolve anything. It only leads to more violence.

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March 15 2008

Open Letter to Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk Opposing U.S. Military Base in Poland

Please join these organizations and individuals listed below in signing the open letter to Prime Minister Tusk.

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March 5 2008

To the Peoples and Governments of Latin America

We vigorously condemn the bloody military incursion by the Colombian Government into Ecuadorian territory.

The process of transformation in Latin America is passing through a critical moment. Today more than ever it is necessary to accelerate the projects of political, economic and cultural union.

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February 9 2008

Position of the Humanist Movement in Kenya regarding recent developments 18 January 2008

The continuing situation of social disturbance in Kenya is extremely worrying for humanists both within Kenya and around the world. A situation that has, in reality, been brewing ever since independence is now coming to a head. We are faced with the situation where the people of Kenya have been manipulated into the false game of tribe vs. tribe. The friends of the Kikuyus are supposedly on one side with the friends of the Luos supposedly on the other side.

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February 1 2008

New Humanists Support Obama

Barack Obama is the only candidate who opposed the invasion of Iraq from the beginning. He clearly repudiates torture, has pledged to close Guantanamo and restore habeas corpus. Like no other candidate, Obama is a lightening rod for new energies, bridging gaps between generations, ethnicities and religions. The movement he inspires has given voice to a longing for deep change within the most wounded parts of our society. New Humanists share this longing for a more just and peaceful world with human rights and equal opportunity for every human being, no matter in what circumstances they were born.

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December 29 2007

Non-violent Humanist Revolution in Bolivia is an Inspiring Example

For the New Humanists of North America, the revolutionary process unfolding in Bolivia is an inspiring example with which we feel great affinity. It is a humanist revolution, guided by the principles of non-violence and impelled by a courageous attempt to overcome centuries of discrimination. This noble project fills us with hope. At the same time we recognize that the process is at risk, due to the unprincipled actions of a minority afraid of losing its monopoly on power.

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December 28 2007

New Humanists Support Czech Boycott

New Humanists of North America affirm our complete support for the decision of the Czech activists of Europe for Peace to call for a boycott of U.S. products. 68% of the people of the Czech Republic oppose the plan to install a U.S. radar base in their country as part of a European “Missile Defense Shield.”  Yet the Czech government has moved forward with the plan  — despite protests, petitions with more than 200,000 signatures, conferences and attempts to promote a reasonable dialogue –  leaving the citizens who understand the danger of this project with no choice but to employ stronger tactics.

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December 1 2007

The Spirit of New Humanism

North American New Humanist Forum: Thinking Beyond Borders
New York, November 16, 2007

On November 16, 2007, Chris gave this talk as part of the Opening Celebration of the North American New Humanist Forum. The event also included presentations from Daniel Berrigan and Tomas Hirsch, the Latin American Spokesperson for Humanism. The forum brought together roughly 350 activists, students, and individuals representing some 40 organizations to address the urgent issues facing our region of Canada, Mexico and the United States and to map out a direction based on active non-violence.

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October 1 2007

Remarks on the First International Day of Non-violence, October 2, 2007, New York City

Following the announcement of the UN General Assembly calling on the world to observe the International Day of Nonviolence each year on October 2 - the birthday anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, New Humanists all over the world celebrated this day and declared the importance of Active Non-violence as the only way out of the spiraling violence that now threatens us all.

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September 26 2007

North American New Humanists Express Solidarity With The Non-Violent Protests In Burma

The New Humanists of North America view with great concern the situation currently unfolding in Burma. The military regime, which has been in power illegally since 1962, is violently repressing the peaceful demonstrations across the country, shooting and arresting monks and promising “extreme measures”.

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September 24 2007

Humanism and Antihumanism

Given the announcement in Mexico of the formation of a “humanist party” linked to the right, which joins others that have been formed in Peru, Brazil, and Central America; in order to avoid any confusion in the public opinion in those countries, we find ourselves obligated to point out that their intentions are to appropriate and to illegitimately distort a name that has long been associated with New Humanism, a very different current of thought. The foundations and the history of this current of thought are diametrically opposed to those that are proclaimed by the right all around the world. Given this, the right wing has neither moral authority nor the ideology to name the groups that they are forming “humanist”. The Humanist Party has been developed since 1984, based on an ideology, a spirit and a way of life known as New Humanism. We call on the Humanist Parties that are members of the Humanist International to initiate legal actions against these usurpers and to use all available channels of communication to clearly explain the difference between humanism and antihumanism.

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August 30 2007

Workers and Protesters Beaten, Assaulted and Injured Like in the Worst Times of the Pinochet Dictatorship in Chile

We have received disturbing news, corroborated by various sources, about the brutal repression of a peaceful demonstration organized by the CENTRAL UNITARIA DE TRABAJADORES in Santiago, Chile in which workers, students, politicians, including Senators and Deputies of the Concertación, Christian Democrats, Socialists and radicals all took part and were beaten, assaulted and injured just like in the worst times of the Pinochet dictatorship.

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August 12 2007

We are opposed to the Security and Prosperity Partnership Summit

The leaders of the U.S., Canada and Mexico will hold a major trilateral summit meeting of the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) in Montebello, Quebec, Canada, on August 20th-21st, 2007.

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June 15 2007

Building the Culture of Non-Violence in Queens - Forum June 9, ‘07

On Saturday, June 9th, more than 100 individuals representing 21 organizations came together for a day-long forum on “Building the Culture of Non-Violence in Queens.”  Including workshops on violence in schools, anti-racism, immigrant rights, homophobia, violence against women, and other themes, the forum culminated in the collective endorsement of the “Jackson Heights Remonstrance,” an updated version of the famous 1659 Flushing Remonstrance which appealed for religious tolerance. The modern Remonstrance calls for an end to all forms of discrimination and denounces the current persecution of immigrants currently underway in Queens in the form of police raids, informants, and random deporting.

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May 7 2007

April 30-May 6: South American Trip, Meeting with Tomas HIrsch and Giorgio Schultz; Protest March in Santiago; and Days of Spiritual Inspiration in the Andes

During the first week in May, I was greatly inspired by a trip to South America. The trip included a meeting with the spokespersons for New Humanism for Latin America and Europe, a spirited Workers Day march in Santiago and three days of reflection in the heart of the Andes, together with Silo, the founder of our movement, and thousands of New Humanists from across the globe.

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April 30 2007

Letter to the Workers of North America

Workers of my country, On May 1, workers all over the world celebrate a day of solidarity inspired by the Haymarket martyrs, eight anarchists unjustly convicted of murder in 1886 following a riot in Chicago. Four were later hanged. Ironically, this event has been all but forgotten in the U.S. and we now celebrate Labor Day in September.

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